TELEXfree – What is it?

TELEXfree Review – What is it?

Let’s START with what it ISN’T…

  1. It’s NOT a here-today-gone-tomorrow company.
  2. It’s NOT a “am I even going to make money?” company.
  3. It’s NOT a Ponzi.

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL the real Review…

TELEXfree harnesses the best of an Advertising & Technology model and wraps all of that around cutting edge product and service tools that you can use to EXPLODE your business!

Finally, a company has figured out how to allow EVERYBODY to make money.

Why do I say EVERYBODY?

Because EVERYBODY in TELEXfree is guaranteed to make money with this deal on a weekly basis. And you’re making money whether you are a recruiter or not.



  • 1) A 13 year old track record.
  • 2) A cash loaded and capital heavy company
  • 3) Developed and owns the software.
  • 4) Products and services with global appeal.
  • 5) An 11-Year contractual agreement through 2024.
  • 6) Compensation Plan that delivers on time, everytime.
  • 7) 400,000 active representatives in Brazil.
  • 8) 23 Documented Millionaires in 2012.

I was invited, along with several other industry experts to go to Boston, Massachusetts for the weekend. Besides enjoying the clam chowder that Boston is known for, I got the inside look a front-row seat if you will, of what TELEXfree has in store for us for the next few years.

And let me just say one thing: IT IS PHENOMENAL.

These Guys have all the bases covered!
They have crossed all of the T’s and dotted the I’s.
TELEXfree is here to put money in your POCKET OR PURSE! PERIOD!

Some of the intelligent and successful entrepreneurs are seeing TELEXfree as a value point because of the product and service model.


Imagine being able to contact anyone in the world on their cell phone? Anyone! Now that is flexibility. Let’s face it…we’re a mobile world. We don’t want to be stuck in some room with a device and wire coming out of the wall so that we can talk to someone.

We want to be outside!
We want to be free!
We want to live!
We want to do!

TELEXfree review provides that for you…right now!

TELEXfree is here to stay. We are confident of that. And corporate America is confident with that too.

Why is corporate America so confident?

Because a top FORTUNE magazine company is joint-venturing with TELEX to allow for specialized branding of TELEXfree on the side of 500 of their hotels.

Yes, 500 Hotels! That’s right on the building marquis will read TELEXfree.

Talk about brand identity and credibility making! WOW!

Now get this…

When you’re a partner with TELEXfree, you’ll be invited to participate in the purchasing a share of the joint-venture between TELEXfree and Best Western Hotels. These shares are reserved for TELEXfree partners first prior to being offered to the general public.

Look at this as an invitation to secure long-term returns on a real viable and trusted investment. The anticipated return on investment over the 11 year contract is anticipated to be substantial and will eclipse traditional stock market and institutional financial prospective offerings.

YOU won’t find a deal like this anywhere on the INTERNET or offline. And if you find one, tell us about it – and we’ll still eclipse your offering.
And we have the Back Office proof to demonstrate the reliable steady and guaranteed paychecks you will receive. You can see ours. We have nothing to hide!

  1. We partner with exclusive and trusted industry experts.

  2. We know what we’re doing.

  3. We’re the ones on the short list who get called when new deals come along.

Do you want reliable and dependable weekly online earnings?

Do you want life-changing results that can be proven to you?

Then come be a part of TELEXfree.

We are the only division of TELEXfree that delivers results day-in-and-day-out.

Come SEE What We Do:

14 Minute Telexfree Overview


We will personally mentor and coach you to making a reliable and steady six-figure income this year.

We have the methods that ensure performance and success.

We do one thing, and we do it well.

Come see for yourself…

If you would like to be flown into the Boston area, and given a personal tour of our operations, and meet directly with the executive committee, please let us know – as we will arrange the details for such a visit.

Should you have further questions about TELEXfree, please feel free to contact us at:

Skype: jfk-england

Or, click below and…..





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