* Please note that all emails on your list must have proof of opt-in on your website.  We reserve the right to do a detailed hygiene process and not use any questionable email addresses.

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Complete email and digitial marketing, turn-key'd for your business


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Why is email more effective than other marketing?


  • There are almost 4 billion email accounts today
  • 78% of email messages reach the inbox (Compare that to how many of your fans see your posts on Facebook)
  • The lifespan of a social media post is very short while an email stays in the inbox
  • The average ROI of $1 spent on email is $44.25 (Source: Exact Target)
  • 77% prefer email to receive promotional content while only 4% prefers Facebook
  • Consumers engage with an average of 11 brands through email daily 


Using your opt-in email list* we will:


  • Automate your marketing to build brand awarness
  • Build client loyalty by delivering high quality industry information 
  • eNewsletter series about your services or products
  • Retarget marketing on other websites, including Facebook
  • Everything tied back to your website for higher traffic
  • Completely turn-key'd for you
  • Build your opt-in email list through network and social marketing tools